Refrigerators run day and night, so it is not uncommon that appliance repair may become necessary after some time.

Most of those appliance repair problems are minor and can be resolved quickly by a handy homeowner with the right basic tools.

Yet when a home repair attempt does not work, in-home appliance repair services are ready to pay a visit to provide the necessary professional fix.

These are the most common refrigerator problems and the simple at-home repairs that might help!

1. Leaking

Water on the floor in front of or beneath a refrigerator is a common, yet usually simple problem with three potential solutions.

The easiest appliance repair technique is to clean or replace the door gaskets if they are allowing the formation of condensation that pools under the doors.

If there is water pooling in the bottom of the refrigerator or freezer, the culprit is likely a clogged or frozen drain pan, which can be repaired by defrosting and cleaning it.

Appliance repair services also find that if the unit has an icemaker, the water supply lines may be leaking and need replacing.

2. Not Cold Enough

A fridge or freezer that does not stay up to temperature is possibly the most common problem experienced by appliance owners.

It is usually the easiest to resolve without having to call for in-home appliance repair with only the shift of a knob.

First, make sure the interior thermostat settings are set cool enough in both the refrigerator and the freezer and lower them if not.

Then, clean off or replace door gaskets if they are not sealing properly, clean the refrigerator fan, and make sure the condenser coils are clean, too.

Finally, be sure the air vents that deliver cool air are not blocked by items in the refrigerator.

3. Too Cold

Like the previous appliance repair issue, a refrigerator that is too cold and is freezing things when it shouldn’t be is another common and easily solved problem.

First, make sure the thermostat is properly set and raise it if necessary.

Then, check the damper between the cooling and freezing areas of the appliance to make sure it’s not stuck open, causing more cool air to enter the fridge side than necessary.

When neither of those helps, the problem is likely a bad thermostat.

Call for in-home appliance repair if necessary or simply replace the thermostat unit with a Phillips head screwdriver after unplugging the unit.

4. Not Making Ice

When the freezer compartment stops making ice, these appliance repair ideas can usually help.

First, check for a blockage of ice cubes and clean the maker of any mineral deposits.

If the blockage is due to a frozen water supply line, unplug the appliance and defrost the supply line with a hair dryer until it flows again.

There may also be problems with the saddle valve or inlet valve, both of which can be easily replaced.

5. Running Loudly or Making Noises

When a refrigerator starts making weird sounds, the appliance repair solutions are usually very simple.

Make sure the appliance is level by adjusting the leveling legs.

If there is a buzzing noise coming from the icemaker every so often, check to make sure the ice maker is receiving water and resolve any flow issues so it can resume.

The evaporator fan may also need new grommets if the noise is coming from there.

Get In-Home Appliance Repair For Ongoing Refrigerator Problems

Though most of these common appliance repair issues are fairly easy to deal with, not every homeowner may have the ability or tools for a DIY repair.

When that happens, in-home appliance repair from a trusted local service is just a phone call away!

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