Garbage disposals are one of the more useful, yet temperamental appliances that many people have in their kitchens.

They work well when they work, but frequently require garbage disposal repair help to keep them working.

These are the main reasons why homeowners call a garbage disposal repair company and a few steps to take to prevent these problems!

1. Clogged Disposal

Though garbage disposals grind up the material put into them, all of that material must still pass through the blades and into the kitchen drain line.

A disposal that has too much material put in at once can clog up or the drain can clog up or drain too slowly, preventing the canister from emptying. In either case, it is necessary to unplug the appliance and manually remove some of that material to try and get it all moving again.

If that does not work, garbage disposal repair help to resolve the clog and get things moving again may be required.

Pouring drain clog remover into a drain with a garbage disposal is not recommended as the chemicals can be damaging to the appliance.

2. Leaking Under the Sink

A call to a garbage disposal repair company may be necessary when there is active leaking under the sink from the disposal.

There are a number of reasons why this might happen, from bad gaskets where the disposal is attached to a cracked disposal canister or simply a loose installation.

Leaking is a serious and messy problem that should be resolved before continuing to use the appliance.

3. Blades Are Stuck/Won’t Turn

The most common problem that results in the most calls for garbage disposal repair is a disposal that turns on but does not actually turn the blades.

Whether the blades are stuck due to food debris being caught between or under them or there is a motor issue preventing the blades from turning, it is a problem that needs a closer look by a professional who can do a quick and safe repair.

4. Bad Odors

Bad food odors coming from inside a disposal means there is food trapped in the unit or around the blades.

Sometimes, that can be remedied by grinding up lemon peels and ice cubes to clean and sharpen the blades.

If that does not help, a garbage disposal repair company may need to come and replace it, as it likely means the blades or motor are worn out and not functioning well.

When the disposal can no longer grind up food properly and pass it through, it is usually time for a new one.

5. Does Not Turn On At All

An obvious sign that garbage disposal repair help is needed is an appliance that does not turn on at all.

When the switch gets flipped and nothing happens, not even the hum of stuck blades, it means there is no electricity reaching the motor.

When it is confirmed to be plugged in and the circuit to the kitchen is not popped and resetting the appliance using the reset button on the underside does not help, it usually indicates a dead motor and a need for the repair service to simply install a new appliance.

Call A Garbage Disposal Repair Company When Noticing These Signs

When any of the above symptoms persist, garbage disposal repair may be necessary to get a disposal working as it should again.

For safety reasons, a garbage disposal repair company should always be the one to troubleshoot and repair them.

With garbage disposal repair help provided by an experienced appliance repair service, homeowners can rest assured that their disposal will be running again in no time!

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