Of all the home appliances that most often require appliance repair, dryers are close to the top of that list, in part due to the number of electrical components they are made with.

In fact, most appliance owners rely on dryer repair services at least once during the life of their appliance and sometimes more.

While it is sometimes possible for homeowners to repair their own appliances, that is not always the case with dryers.

These are the most common problems that require professional dryer repair to keep them functioning safely and efficiently.

1. Vibrates or Makes Strange Noises

A dryer that vibrates, shakes, makes clunking sounds, or has squeaking noises is most likely suffering from a broken or damaged dryer drum seal.

To prevent additional damage to the drum or whole dryer, appliance repair to replace the dryer seal should be arranged.

This job is relatively easy for a dryer repair technician to do, but it does take a few hours, as it involves taking the dryer apart to remove the drum and replace the seal, then putting it all back together again.

2. Does Not Heat Up

A definite sign of an appliance in need of dryer repair services is one that runs but does not produce any heat.

This symptom is commonly due to a broken thermal fuse, an electronic part that resides inside the control panel of the appliance.

This problem can happen after repeatedly running the appliance with a clogged link filter or blocked dryer vent.

3. Gets Too Hot

A dryer that heats up too much, to the point that clothing comes out with burn marks, has a problem with either the temperature gauge or the heating element.

In either case, a dryer repair technician will need to test both of these components to determine which one is faulty and then replace it.

An overheating dryer is inefficient, as it uses more electricity than it should and is also a fire hazard if it is burning clothing.

4. Does Not Dry Clothes

When a dryer seems to be running fine but the clothes never dry, this is typically due to a faulty heating element; however, it could also occur if the thermal fuse or temperature gauge is malfunctioning or if the lint filter is clogged up.

If cleaning the lint filter does not help, a professional repair should be made.

Appliance repair for this problem involves testing all of these components to determine which one(s) are damaged and then replacing them.

5. Turns Off Too Soon

When a dryer turns off shortly after it is started and the clothes are not yet dried, this indicates a problem with either the thermostat or the moisture/heat sensors.

A dryer repair service must test all of these components to detect which one is malfunctioning and then replace it.

6. Does Not Run At All

A dryer that fails to run at all when it is turned on could be experiencing one of several problems.

The issue is most likely related to a damaged power source or broken thermal fuse, but some appliances may refuse to turn on as a safety feature when other parts are not functioning properly.

Figuring out which part needs replacing requires experienced troubleshooting by a professional repair service.

Seek Professional Dryer Repair Services With These Problems

As simple of a machine as a dryer may be, it requires professional appliance repair when it breaks down.

Fortunately, dryer repair is possible in most cases as many of the parts that cause dryer problems can be replaced.

A knowledgeable, experienced dryer repair service technician will diagnose the problem and get the appliance running again as quickly as possible!

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